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Time Fries

Another Valentines Day inspired greeting card! For the french fries lovers here you got!

Urban Quill is an iOS app where you can order a card and personalise it. They will then delivered it anywhere in the UAE! Check it out!

What you get:

  • Photoshop File
  • Pdf File with different suggested layouts

How to get this:

Download the Urban Quill app to order this card:

Contact me If you have any questions or would like to avail the service, I will be happy to help you!

Terms of Use:

All personal use is permitted Use the graphics to make items for your own business use - e.g. Your logo, branding or social media etc. Must incorporate the artwork into a new product to be able to make it available for sale. The end product may be physical or digital - e.g. wedding stationery, apparel, housewares. You cannot re-sell the graphics, copy or transfer them to anyone else. You cannot make new clip art, digital graphics or digital graphic resources for sale using my designs.

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